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Paul Esajian With A&E’s Flip This House Teaches The Real Estate Rehab Model

FortuneBuildersU.com Paul Esajian From A&E’s “Flip This House” Teaching Powerful Investing Techniques For Real Estate and the Real Estate Rehab Model. For Free Training, Please Visit http

How To Evaluate Real Estate Investing Deals, by Than Merrill from Flip This House

FortuneBuildersU.com “How To Evaluate Real Estate Investing Deals, by Than Merrill from Flip This House” Than Merrill From A&E’s “Flip This House” Teaching Powerful Investing Techniques For Real Estate and Evaluating Real Estate Investing Deals

Get More Listings With This Open House Strategy

The purpose of a listing is to get more listings. Get short sale listings. Get expired listings. Here’s how to leverage your existing inventory into more real estate inventory for FREE to cheap.

Paul Esajiab From A&E’s Flip This House Teaches About Real Estate Rehab Partnerships

FortuneBuildersU.com Paul Esajian From A&E’s “Flip This House” Teaching Powerful Investing Techniques For Real Estate and Real Estate Rehab Partnerships. For Free Training, Please Visit http

Generate Free Real Estate Leads By Creating Lead Generation Videos With This Free Video Creator Tool

realestatemarketingmethods.com – for more Real Estate Lead Generation and Marketing Strategies. This is a simple lead generation method that you can implement in 5 to 10 minutes. It’s so easy to do and can generate so much business that you’d be a fool not to use it. Watch this video blog to discover how to use a free video creator tool to create powerful real estate lead generation videos and post them online within a few minutes. To Get The Resources Discussed On This Video Go Here realestatemarketingmethods.com – You can also check out the lead generation video I created for Dad’s real estate business at the link above. What do you think of Dad’s video? What would you do to improve it? Please give me your feedback by posting a comment below. All the best, Calvin Curry PS Within the next few days I’m planning on creating a video blog on how to use the video broadcasting software I told you about in today’s blog post. So watch for my email because I’ll do my best to tell you when I do.

Joan Graves at CONSIDER THIS, September 21, 2011

On September 21, Planned Parenthood will hold the third 2011 CONSIDER THIS speakers series event, a thought-provoking discussion addressing current issues relative to reproductive rights and social justice. At the event, experts Joan Graves, senior vice president of the Classification & Rating Administration for the Motion Picture Association of America, and Alison Trope, clinical associate professor at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, will discuss “Double Standards and Mixed Messages in Mainstream Media,” focusing on mass media’s relationship with popular culture and how it both reflects and effect social norms. The event will be moderated by Mary McNamara, television and media critic for the Los Angeles Times. Joan Graves is senior vice president of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and chairman of the Classification and Rating Administration (CARA). She joined CARA in 1988 and held previous positions as administrative director, vice chairman, and co-chairman of CARA, until assuming her current position as chairman in 2000. Prior to joining the MPAA, Graves worked in real estate development, stock brokerage and administrative management consulting. She then took a hiatus to raise her two daughters. Graves is a graduate of Stanford University where she earned a Bachelor’s of Arts.

Learn Real Estate Marketing Tips “The Marketing Guru” – Than Merrill of “Flip This House”

www.FortuneBuildersU.Com Than Merrill Event Promo Video. Than Merrill is the founder of CT Homes LLC. Than’s specialty is as a marketer.

Steal This House Cincinnati -20unit

This is a 20unit Apartment Complex in Cincinnati, Ohio. 1958- 1964 Fairmount Ave. We are asking 80K for these buildings. They need a total of 100k in repairs….Will bring in over 8k a month gross.

We really want this house but…?

We’re renting our own home out at $660 per week and we’re renting a cheaper but nice house. A house came on the market in October last year and it sold. From then on, we’ve really wanted this house and then the other day, I was searching the internet and found it up for sale again. I told my parents and my dad said we can buy it. But the problem it that the house we rent for $660 per week will only achieve about 1.4 million dollars if we sell it. Then we plan to lease the new house out for another four years to pay it off. The real estate agents think it’ll achieve about $1000. So my dad said he will make an offer of 1.5 million when it sold last year for 1.685 million. Then I said the cut off should be 1.6 million and that’s it. My parents are unsure and I think the people want a quick sale, so we could get a bargain. I know that if it does get sold, my mum will say ‘oh, why didn’t we buy it?’ My dad does see the potential in it, it’s a beautiful Victorian House, so how can I convince my parents to get it without pushing too hard?
And they’re asking for $1.9 million??? Does anyone know how to bargain with Asians?
If you didn’t realise, I’m asking about HOUSES, not SHOES!
Yeah, I saw the house today and the only thing that had changed was the floors had been re-polished.

Is the real estate market going to be in a slump this year?

I would like to know about this real estate market business going on. My girlfriend is a realtor and she’s in the real estate business. Lately, the real estate market has been going in a slump for the past month and so far, there have been many houses that are having open houses and the houses haven’t been sold lately. What is going on? Is the real estate market going to be a slump. Are they going to laid off the agents? I just want to know.