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Minha Casa, Minha Vida (“My House, My Life”) Brazil – Degraded Working Conditions Exposed

A short news bulletin filmed in November 2011 exposing payment delays and the insalubrious working conditions on a building site in Itaquaquecetuba, São Paulo. Particularly on the Minha Casa, Minha Vida projects (where real estate developers operate to tight budgets) salary levels have become notoriously low, ignoring the tough and demanding work required on site. Employees often travel long distances; work in environments where health & safety is respected little and receive very few of the rights that are compulsorily placed on employees but often disrespected. Please feel free to sign up to receive a weekly e-mail broadcast for the latest information, news and objective guidance on property investment and housing in Brazil: www.brazilinvestmentguide.com

How to sell a sinkhole house in your own neighborhood and profit $19000!

TurboChargedRealEstate.com – How to sell a house in your own neighborhood and profit $19000! Watch Tom Bell with Turbo Charged Real Estate show you how to make money in real estate by flipping houses! “What do you think of this room?” Tom takes “The Golden Child” to a new flip in his neighborhood. Property is a sinkhole! Soundtrack LMFAO – YES

Open House System For Real Estate Agents – Quick Video Tip

www.openhousecourse.com – Open House System and course for real estate agents how to get more leads and more sales through open houses. Borino’s Open House PLUS includes scripts, DVD course, open house flyers, marketing materials, postcards, and step by step instructions. If you’re not getting at least 20 visitors per open house, it’s time to fix it. Check out http

How To Make Money Even When You Don’t Sell A House – Real Estate Investing

www.CashFlowInstitute.com Here’s what you need to add to your real estate marketing that will show you how to make money even if you don’t sell a house. Here’s how to get your real estate marketing to help pay for itself, and put money into your pocket at the same time. This works perfectly with short sales, pre-foreclosures, bank reo listings, etc. Mark Walters~

China’s House Prices: Authorities Dilemma

Follow us on TWITTER: twitter.com Like us on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com People’s Bank of China issued a report that house prices in mainland China have reached a turning point. Some commercial banks are worried about panic selling. With the Central Bank decreasing the deposit reserve ratio, people also think the house market regulation will be relaxed. However, the Ministry of Housing requires the policy of constraining house purchase to continue next year. The real estate regulation in mainland China appears chaotic. Let’s hear what experts think on the issue. On November 24, the Central Bank and Statistics’ Department issued two reports on “real estate financial risk management.” They were, “The situation analysis of current real estate market,” and “Investigation report on the impact of real estate market changes to financial sectors,” and were presented in a forum. The reports show that according to data, the investment growth rate of real estate development has begun to fall. The enterprise funds for real estate development show a trend of shrinking. Both the amount and the prices in land market are falling. The inflection point of house prices has occurred. At the forum, some representatives of commercial banks asked whether to induce panic sell-off if the house prices fall by 20%. The sell-off itself can be a worrying trend, if the authorities are not able to take effective measures. Caoan Jushi (political and economic commentator): “The real estate in mainland

Special police unit posted to Ardhi House

www.ntv.co.ke A special police unit has been formed to investigate fraud in the Ministry of Lands. The unit has been mandated to weed out cartels that have defrauded Kenyans billions of shillings.The government has for years struggled to clean up Ardhi House with most of its efforts coming to zero.This is the first time in the history of the country that a special police unit targeting one ministry is being formed.

Paul Esajian With A&E’s Flip This House Teaches The Real Estate Rehab Model

FortuneBuildersU.com Paul Esajian From A&E’s “Flip This House” Teaching Powerful Investing Techniques For Real Estate and the Real Estate Rehab Model. For Free Training, Please Visit http

How To Evaluate Real Estate Investing Deals, by Than Merrill from Flip This House

FortuneBuildersU.com “How To Evaluate Real Estate Investing Deals, by Than Merrill from Flip This House” Than Merrill From A&E’s “Flip This House” Teaching Powerful Investing Techniques For Real Estate and Evaluating Real Estate Investing Deals

Get More Listings With This Open House Strategy

The purpose of a listing is to get more listings. Get short sale listings. Get expired listings. Here’s how to leverage your existing inventory into more real estate inventory for FREE to cheap.

Paul Esajiab From A&E’s Flip This House Teaches About Real Estate Rehab Partnerships

FortuneBuildersU.com Paul Esajian From A&E’s “Flip This House” Teaching Powerful Investing Techniques For Real Estate and Real Estate Rehab Partnerships. For Free Training, Please Visit http