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We really want this house but…?

We’re renting our own home out at $660 per week and we’re renting a cheaper but nice house. A house came on the market in October last year and it sold. From then on, we’ve really wanted this house and then the other day, I was searching the internet and found it up for sale again. I told my parents and my dad said we can buy it. But the problem it that the house we rent for $660 per week will only achieve about 1.4 million dollars if we sell it. Then we plan to lease the new house out for another four years to pay it off. The real estate agents think it’ll achieve about $1000. So my dad said he will make an offer of 1.5 million when it sold last year for 1.685 million. Then I said the cut off should be 1.6 million and that’s it. My parents are unsure and I think the people want a quick sale, so we could get a bargain. I know that if it does get sold, my mum will say ‘oh, why didn’t we buy it?’ My dad does see the potential in it, it’s a beautiful Victorian House, so how can I convince my parents to get it without pushing too hard?
And they’re asking for $1.9 million??? Does anyone know how to bargain with Asians?
If you didn’t realise, I’m asking about HOUSES, not SHOES!
Yeah, I saw the house today and the only thing that had changed was the floors had been re-polished.

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  • Oct 28th 201016:10
    by Cola

    I don’t think you can convince them either way: whether or not they can do it probably depends on how difficult it would be to finance the purchase and find a renter, all that kind of stuff. Have you seen the house since it came back on the market? For all you know someone did a bunch of improvements inside and $1.5 mil will be a non-starter: what are they asking?

    The best you can do to help move this decision along is to try to keep them focused on the work of figuring this stuff out. Keep them away from distractions this weekend.

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