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What work can an 18 year old with a real estate license find?

So I asked some adults and they said real estate groups probably wouldn’t hire me. But my Economics teacher at school said that there might be a chance I could work through the internet. What do you think? I’m in a tight money situation and I want to utilize my new license to the best of my advantage.

P.S. I know the housing market isn’t so hot right now…

2/15: Real-estate transactions for Central Florida

2/15: Real-estate transactions for Central Florida
This listing represents real-estate transactions valued at $300,000 or more. Smaller transactions can be found online at OrlandoSentinel.com in the Public Records section.

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Find Investor for Eco Real Estate Development Project in Costa Rica?

Where and/or How can we find people interested to invest in an eco real estate development being constructed in Costa Rica?

Data: Many Shoals homes worth less than mortgages

Data: Many Shoals homes worth less than mortgages
By Trevor Stokes, Staff Writer A marketing firm has released data that claim many local homes are underwater, which is a real estate term meaning home values are worth less than mortgages, but some local real estate appraisers dispute the data. Negative equity is worrisome for homeowners and means residents are paying more than what their home is worth.

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Buying first property/ real estate investment, advice please? Land or Condo?

Im contemplating buying my 1st property in 2009. I am in a serious dead-end between choosing a Condo in a densely populated, high night-life, downtown city, waterfront area ….or….leaning towards a house in a more rural area with more than a handful of acres. Assuming both of which would be the same price after pricing and taxes and insurance, which would be the better longer-term investment?

Anti-gentrification graffiti on hoarding for new real-estate development in run-down neighborhood, London: IN YOUR LIVE-WORK SPACE YOU ARE NEVER ‘SAFE’

Real Estate Development

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Real estate briefs

Real estate briefs
Course completedSales associated Salinka Melof of Downing-Frye Realty Inc. completed a luxury home marketing training course through The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. The course covered topics such as demographics of the affluent, lifestyle segmentations, trends and amenities in today‚Äôs luxury home product, and creating a marketing plan for the multimillion dollar property. The course is …

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I need 50 good real estate marketing ideas.Does anyone have any good ideas?

If everyone gives at least one idea it can come up to fifty.

What is the best legal email blast marketing web site?

I am a real estate agent and want to market via internet without being labeled as SPAM. I want to send my ads out in large blasts.

Does anyone know of any Real Estate marketing websites with unique products?

I know there are MANY websites that offer flyers, pens, calenders, but what about other unique real estate marketing products with catchy phrases are out there? For instance, I have seen a packet of seeds for planting flowers and it said “Grow Your Real Estate Wealth With Us!” or a sponge shaped as a house that said “For All of Your Real Estate Needs Clean Up With ________(Agent’s Name)!” HELP! I need an edge!!!!