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Motivation Speaker Demo

www.videosolutions.tv – We shoot lots of live seminars all across the country. Here Terrie Glass and her company Leadership Solutions leads a motivational empowerment seminar for women. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real estate, internet marketing, or any type of live class or seminar or workshop. We can shoot, and edit it into a exciting, fast paced informational video.

Make Your Website a Destination Part 2

Make your website a destination by having special content. Focusing on different niches will give you the greatest audience possible.

Making Your Website a Destination Part 3

Niche content can be applied to your website or blog in many ways. People are looking for different topics when searching for a home.

How to have your website dominate

Structure your first page the right way

helloWorld: Realty Example of Use – Follow Up with Client

www.VidMarketer.com helloWorld Realty Example of Use – Follow Up with Client Visit our website to see for yourself

Pix Resizer Tutorial 4 – Quick Version

This is free software for resizing your photos and images. The quick and dirty version of resizing images – you can do it in seconds. For more information, visit www.realtidings.com

Greg Clemet Dropping Jewels SIMSSTOCK

Greg Clement Dropping Jewels on Israel Miller. Greg shares some of his secret keys to success after SIMSSTOCK 2009.

Quick Overview of nofluffreviews.com

Hot to register, add a review and add a listing.

How to Social Media Tag Your Site. Social Bookmarking.

Tagging your website content, blog and videos is going to be great way to build up quality back links to help you gain more visibility. In this video, Bart Wilson shows you how to use DIGG.com to help you submit your content so others people can DIG it. Social Media Tagging and Bookmarking is going to become more popular in 2011.

5 – Social Media expert Mike Ballantyne – Discussed Consulting Services

Social Media expert Mike Ballantyne talks about Social Media for Realtors and how a lot of it can be outsourced to consulting services.