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“SPECULATA Redefining premiership” SESSIONS: 1 Becoming a leader by choice .Are leaders born or made? Of course leaders are born. As are followers. As are Olympians, car thieves, high school principals, serial killers and celebrity chefs. Everyone is born. Everyone is also made. What you want to know is if people can learn leadership! Yes! Leadership is learned. Leadership is an acquired skill. It is a practice. The ability to lead others is developed from life experiences, as well as structured learning on the interrelationships of humans. It can be acquired, nurtured and matured through deliberate practice. So our Leadership Workshop focuses on a number of key areas to help ensure leadership success. This Workshop provides individuals with the tools they need to confidently and effectively lead others. It helps individuals discover the universal leadership qualities and principles that will help them to become highly effective. Participants learn about critical leadership characteristics that contribute to personal and organizational success, as well as key tips that will help them to build more effective relationships with team members and peers. 2 Entrepreneuship Encouraging entrepreneurship is a key to improve competitiveness, boosting exports and fostering economic growth and training plays a vital role in such an endeavor. Our workshop participants will learn to improve their financial planning skills, assess key success factors attributed to developing sustainable

Can anyone give me a good summary of the real estate market in Albany, New York?

The NY goverment is in talks about a high speed train line that would connect Albany and possibly some other upstate areas to NYC. I think this would be a major boost for Albany and the real estate market up there. I have been to Albany a few times and honestly I was not very impressed. It seemed like a place in a serious rut. I am curious about the upside potential of Albany in terms of real estate. I want to hear from someone who knows the area a little better. I would appreciate some real insight on the current real estate market, and which areas would benefit the most from a the high speed train. I’m also curious as to which neighborhoods currently in Albany are considered the best to live in and which are considered the worst. Thanks a bunch.

What is a good barometer to tell if the real estate market in my neighborhood is improving?

I know the real estate market is pretty bad. There is a house near me that is priced lower than what I would want to ask, and it has sat on the market for over a year. What are some signs that I can look for that will tell me that the market in my area is improving?

Jennings Social Media Marketing Releases Social Media for Social Good Video

Jennings Social Media Marketing Releases Social Media for Social Good Video
KANSAS CITY, MO–(Marketwire – September 14, 2010) – Jennings Social Media Marketing released a video: Social Media for Social Good. The video reviews the history of a social media company founded by Valerie Jennings, of Jennings Social Media Marketing, and coincides with U.S. social and economic conditions, the unstable post-9/11 period, inflation, recession and natural disasters.

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Early signs indicate summer was good to Shore businesses

Early signs indicate summer was good to Shore businesses
In tourism circles, it’s called a “weather trifecta.” Starting with Memorial Day, continuing with the Fourth of July, and finishing with yet another four-star weekend of blue skies and low humidity for Labor Day, Cape May County tourism director Diane F. Wieland is ready to proclaim summer 2010 a Shore success.

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A good cause

Tim Ginever spoke Brock Harcourts involvement in fund raising and how you can become involved as well.

What job should I apply for? What would I be good add…Resume included (sales, finance exper.)?

Seeking a position in which I can use my work experience, focused education, analytical ability, communication
Skills, and strong work ethic.

Financial Ratio AnalysisFinancial Report CreationSpreadsheet Usage
Oral/Written PresentationsMulti-Tasking ProjectsSpecial Projects
Employee TrainingPersonnel SupervisionSales Skills
Clear CommunicationBudget Cost ControlsSoftware Knowledge
Problem Solving AbilityInterpersonal CommunicationAttention to Detail

2006-Present Empire LendingWest Covina, CA
Account Executive
* Analyzed borrowers’ repayment ability, degree of leverage, and collateral strength using financial ratios.
* Supervised the underwriting quality and regulatory compliance of an aggressively growing loan pipeline.
* Managed multiple projects simultaneously, achieving objectives under time and resource constraints.
* Participated in a variety of real estate-related committees which focused on market and industry trends.
* Trained, reviewed, mentored, and supervised a team of new sales staff and sales support personnel.
* Prospected, marketed, and closed mortgage loans while assuring accuracy and client confidentiality.
* Successfully built a referral network of real estate brokers, attorneys, builders, and accountants.
* Pro-actively contacted existing clients to determine relationship strength and retain future business.

* Graduate, Citrus Community College (Glendora, CA), AS, Business Studies, 6/07.
* Familiar with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Internet.
* Graduate, Bonita High School (La Verne, CA), College Prep Focus, 6/05

* Volunteer, Various Community and School Activities

Client references available upon request.

The real estate market is starting to take a dive. What would be a good profession for myself to go into?

I have been in the real estate market for about 7 years. I started as a Loan Coordinator, then credit officer/assoc. underwriter, call center manager, Product manager. The market is slowly disappearing, I’m unemployed now. I think I should try another field, maybe Financial planning. I don’t know if this market is already saturated, with other fellow real estate professionals. The market is only going to get worse, what should I do?

Does anyone have any good real estate marketing ideas?

Where is a good place to get a loan for an investment property with no money to put down?

I am very interested in buying a real estate investment property for about 130 k. I am 21 years old and make about 25-30k per year. I really dont have much money to put down. Has anyone ever done something like this before and who would you recommend?