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How Do I Find A Real Estate Investment “Silent” Partner?

I have had great success investing in houses in the Atlanta, GA market. The last two houses I purchased, I bought for less than 50% of their appraised value. I have always gotten a 75% mortgage after doing minor repairs which has given me cash at closing and still have a 25% equity stake in the rental property. However, lenders are now limiting the number of rental properties one person can borrow against to only 4 properties. Since I already have more than four, I need a partner who is interested in getting the mortgage in their name. I would do all the work (finding the house, fixing it up, and getting a renter) and give up 25% of the profits. How can I find people who might be interested in this type of investment partnership? Are there investment inquiry sites on the internet?

BANDIT SIGN STAPLER Makes Easy Work of Real Estate Marketing

banditsignstapler.com | The Bandit Sign Stapler is PERFECT for anyone in real estate who advertises w signs. If you’ve ever done it the hard way (ie hammer, nails & stepladder) you’re gonna LOVE THIS! You can get one yourself at banditsignstapler.com And hey – for more awesome tips like this, please stop by http and sign up for our FREE TIPS NEWSLETTER. real estate investing tips bandit signs flip flipping houses homes marketing property properties banditsigns yard sign stapler shaun mccloskey than merrill Sign Stapler fortunebuilders Fortune Builders Marketing Bandit Signs For Deals motivated sellers A&E Flip This House Dave Lindahl

how do i contest a real estate development next door to my property?

A Real Estate Developer owns all the property around mine and wants to build low-income housing units. Previous tenants have been drug-users & have had multiple calls made to the sheriff.

I’m going to the County Board of Supervisors & am having neighbors sign a petition.

Any other steps I should take?
We’ve lived here for two years – this is a new project this owner as come up with …

I need help with more ideas on a home I have for sale?

Ok can any of you other agents out there please help me. I have a home listed I have done Realtor tours, They all say the price is perfect. I do Open House every weekend, it is all over the internet and the Real Estate books, I am even giving a bounus to the selling agent. It has benn on the Market for 49 days. My sellers are happy with everything but I would like to get it sold before the move in their new home in September. Any ideas would be greatly appriciated. Thank you.

Where do you see the overall US Real Estate Marketing in the next 2 years? Up? Down? How much down?

Any good websites that does trend analysis?

Fraser Forbes Real Estate Services Announces $85 Million Closing

Fraser Forbes Real Estate Services Announces $85 Million Closing
Fraser Forbes Real Estate Services is pleased to announce the closing of Vista on Courthouse in Arlington, VA. Â

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What websites are good for listing real estate investment properties?

I own a few houses that I rent out and am wanting to sell them to investors. I am needing to know of websites where you can list these types of investment properties for sale. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Bridge Bank Closes $2.5 Million Credit Facility With Aggregate Knowledge

Bridge Bank Closes $2.5 Million Credit Facility With Aggregate Knowledge
SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwire – 02/24/10) – Bridge Capital Holdings (NASDAQ: BBNK – News ), whose subsidiary is Bridge Bank, National Association, a full-service professional business bank headquartered in Silicon Valley, announced today that it has provided term financing and a working capital line of credit to Aggregate Knowledge to support the company’s continued growth. Aggregate Knowledge is a …

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I am looking for work doing marketing for real estate or other businesses.?

I currently work at a real estate company doing all there marketing. (flyers, mailings, websites, newspaper ads,etc). I would like to get more jobs from other sources doing flyers, etc. from home. Any ideas how I can do this?

Planon Announces Latest Version of Real Estate and Facility Management Software Solution

Planon Announces Latest Version of Real Estate and Facility Management Software Solution
BRAINTREE, Mass.—-The Planon Group, a global provider of enterprise real estate and facilities management software, today announced the release of the latest version of its software featuring major enhancements to the core suite of solutions.

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